Is cleaning your home recycling; does making the bed and washing the dishes and getting them ready to be used again count as recycling? Is it even important?

There are many questions associated with recycling that are frequently asked; there are many who after finding out the answers forget about recycling and move on; they do not consider it important enough and think that it won’t have any impact on their lives; they couldn’t be more far from reality.

So let’s find out what exactly recycling is? How does it work and why is it important?

What is Recycling?


You must have read many definitions online, but here recycling will be explained in simple words;

Instead of throwing waste and used materials out or discarding them as garbage you can collect and reuse them by turning them into something useful; to make it even more simple; when you make new and useful items or products from the used ones then the process is called recycling.

Some of the materials found in your household such as aluminum, paper, empty tissue boxes and plastic bottles etc. can be stored separately from the rest of your garbage. You can use these items to manufacture different new products that can easily be used in your daily life.

How Does Recycling Work?
Recycling is being and can be done at both household and national level. At household level you can contribute by reusing small items such as turning your cereal boxes into beautiful magazine holders or by converting your empty tissues boxes into jewelry boxes for your children.

At national level it works a little differently.

Usually communities have municipal programs that encourage recycling and collection of household waste that can be reused. Once these materials are collected they are taken to a recycling plant or recovery facility where materials are sorted into different categories ranging from electronic waste to simple tin cans and plastic bottles.

These items are then turned into raw materials and often sold to parties who then use these materials to manufacture new and useful products.

Why is Recycling Important?
Our world is blessed with natural resources; however there is always a danger that these resources might run out; recycling is a way to help preserve these resources. The best and the most simple and easily understandable example is of paper that is made using trees; if you separate all the extra paper found in your house for recycling then you are playing a part in saving many new trees from being cut down because instead of getting paper from trees you are providing already used paper for the manufacture of new paper.

You also save energy by recycling; the amount of energy that is required for the processing of new material is more than the amount of energy needed to process recycled material. There are many mobile apps currently in market space that promises to make it easier than ever to recycle.

For example when industries process new material then more energy sources such as fuel and other gases are used and burnt; moreover this process also releases many harmful toxins and by-products into our atmosphere that are responsible for issues such as global warming; these hazards can be prevented to a great degree by using recycled material.

Moreover recycling also prevents the release of harmful toxins and gases that are produced by burning waste products into our atmosphere; therefore if recycling is done at household level and national level then impact on the environment will be truly positive.

How can you help?
It is easy; you just have to educate yourself about the type of materials that can be recycled; once you have the basic knowledge then you can play a major role in recycling at a national level. All you have to do is purchase products that can easily be recycled; for example instead of carrying your grocery in plastic bags you can use paper bags, which can easily be recycled.

Bio-Plus_imageAnother way is to buy products that have been made using recycled material. Usually the product label will have the information regarding what type of and how much of recycling material has been used in its manufacturing.

Are Recycle Products Safe?
When it comes to recycle food packaging; every product packaging has to pass the health safety guidelines and abide by the safety laws defined by the authorities of every country. Recycled material is processed using technology and methods that help eliminate the harmful objects from the used material so that the recycled item can be made fit for use.

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