How I Recycled My Old Apple Computer

For many years I had been using an Apple iMac without much complaint. But when I finally decided to get the new MacBook Pro because of my mobility at work, my bulky iMac had to retire. I was feeling a little bit attached to the iMac even after I had the new MacBook so I had a hard time thinking about disposing it even if I eventually have to. The old computer just sat still and quiet in a corner of my old desk for almost a year without any activity. It was literally adding up to my junk at home, so I thought that it would be great if I could sell it but since it was outdated, I never really thought that someone would be interested to buy it. Plus, I also wanted to free up some hard space from my desk so I had to let go of it sooner or later. This remained the plan until I saw on the net what Apple was doing for old computers and gadgets.

I just recently discovered that Apple had been helping out people to get rid of old and unused computers, iPhones and iPad, through their recycling and reuse program. The program was free so anyone with old computers and gadgets can easily just join and send in their old units, whether these are broken or still in use. But the bonus of this recycling program was that some of the good old computers can still be sent in and Apple will give away a free gift card in exchange for that. I got a little bit excited about my old iMac because of the free gift card.

At first, the objective was to see how I can just free up some space on my desk at home through the Recycle and Reuse program of Apple. I was a little pessimistic about a reward coming my way just by throwing away my old junk. After I sent in my application for the recycle and reuse program, I was really glad to see an offer for a gift card, which means that my good old iMac had qualified for the “reuse” program. The free gift card is given to those who can qualify in the “reuse” program which means that the item you sent in can still be reused and resold as secondary electronics. The free gift card can be used in any Apple Store so it is truly rewarding for Apple users. The offer was not something to belittle because it wasn’t a trivial thing to receive a $175 gift card after about a month of waiting. Because of that, I was really glad that I had been able to take good care of the old iMac I had for many years. I realized how being careful with my computers and gadgets can give me a reward even when I am already disposing it because of its obsolete features. After that freebie from Apple, I began to become even more careful of my computers and gadgets thinking that I might still cash in or get a special reward just for disposing it.

Apple’s Recycle and Reuse program also made me become more aware of the important steps in recycling old computers. Recycling computers is not as easy as recycling plastic bottles and other household materials were you can just easily put in a bag or a bin and give away the material to the recycling companies. There is a need to take specific preparatory actions before giving away electronic units such as computers in order to safely and properly dispose of the material. Primarily, computers carry loads of memories of the user’s personal information. In most cases, computers also stored up countless important information from the user’s work or business that should stay confidential. This means that before donating or giving away your old computers for recycling or reuse program like the one with Apple, the user or owner must make sure that all the stored up files from the old computer are backed up in an external device and then deleted from the source. There are many ways to make sure that the memory of the old computer is clean and resources can be found on the web.

It is wiser for the user to erase and clean up the memory of his or her computer rather than let the recycling company do it. In this way, the user can be assured that all personal and other confidential information are deleted before handing over the unit for the recycling program.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also provides information about the manufacturers’ contacts to help computer owners recycle or dispose of their units properly. They have various options on how to recycle old computers and other electronic gadgets so this is one less burden for users or owners.

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