The Truth About Compost Toilet Odor – Do Composting Toilets stink?

Nowadays many people are using the composting toilet system in their home. There are many advantages of these toilets. It is very difficult to decide whether these toilets are advantageous for your home. You have to keep many factors in consideration before implementing these systems at your home.

Will your family accept this type of toilet system?

Are you able to maintain it on your own?

Is your home is well equipped for its installation.

These are few important factors which one should keep in mind before installing this type of toilet system.These toilet systems requires proper low level basement. If your home have no low lying cellar or low basement then it will be very difficult to set up these composting toilets. The only alternative option for it is to opt for self contained unit.

Nowadays these self composting toilets are becoming very popular as compared to the traditional one. They are very simple to install and easy to maintain.Make sure that the unit which you are planning to purchase requires any kind of plumbing hookups. Water in and drainage out are basically the two major types of hookups. All major composting toilets don’t require water lines as they are waterless.

However some of them are not completely waterless. In most of these toilets system there is an emergency overflow drain which needs to be hooked up. You have to consult an manufacturer for this before purchasing a composting toilet. This is very important factor which one should keep in mind before purchasing it. Apart from this venting is another critical factor which is very important before the selection of these toilets. Venting basically helps in preventing the foul smell in your toilet and helps in the odorless operation.

Tips To Remember When Composting A Toilet

Basically the toilets that are composted take help of the biological methods to handle the disposal and processing of human waste into useful organic compost stuff. Two class of compost toilet are there; the first being the completion of the composting process and the other being emptying to another compost pile which is away from the toilet itself.

There are some composting toilets which side-by-side converts the urine into an odor-free, pathogen-free organic liquid fertilizer.

Human waste can be proved dangerous when it is not properly and incompletely decayed and when you come in contact with it. As it contains bacteria and other pathogens that are related with the human sickness. Hence, the human waste cannot be used as a fertilizer until you make sure that whether it is not composted thoroughly or not.

If the composting toilet is made for home use it gathers both the solids and liquids. Both the waste products are assembled with peat moss, and with time it decomposes. As the quantity of liquids is more than the solid waste, the storage tank on the home composting toilet is comparatively big.

Normally every composting toilet finally requires some kind of end product removal. If a composting toilet is of big size then you do not have to eliminate the solids for years only if the volume of the tank is minimum of three times the yearly addition. There will be decrease of the volume in due course of time and after 5 years only 1-2 % of the main volume will be left. Then you will get a soil full of minerals which will not further decay.

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