5 Fun Recycling Projects for Children (Part 2)

3. Oatmeal Box Pencil Holder

Pencils can easily become clutter on the study table or around the house. Here is a very cool and simple project for children to organize those pens and pencils to make study more fun and systematized.

You will need to prepare the following materials:

  • 1 – 18 oz. oatmeal container
  • 1 Mod Podge glue
  • 1 Acrylic paint of your choice color
  • 1 Gold acrylic paint
  • Leftover yarn
  • 1 yarn needle
  • Single hole punch
  • Some pictures (copy of photos, magazine, catalog or computer generated pictures) on thin paper

Step (1) Remove the label from oatmeal container to make it neat and clean. Draw a cutting line of 4 ¼ inches from the bottom around the container.

Step (2) Paint the inside part of the container, the bottom underneath and ½ inches of outside top of container. Use acrylic paint of your choice color. Let the color dry before working on the next step.

Step (3) Cut out the pictures to make a design of your choice. Coat the outside part of the container with glue. Coat the back of the cut out pictures and press on surface of container with glue before it dries.  Cover the pictures with more glue carefully not to move it out of its place. Dry for about an hour and put on more coat of glue. Dry for another hour.

Step (4) Smoothly blend 1 tablespoon of glue, 1 tablespoon of gold acrylic paint and 1 teaspoon of water to make “combo glue”. Paint the whole container with the combo glue inside and outside. Let dry 24 hours.

Step (5) Mark small dots around the top of container about every ¼ inches using a pencil. Punch a hole on each dot. Sew the yarn from the front of container through the holes, up, over and through back to front, making a thick line around the top edge of the container. Tuck the end of the yarn inside to make a clean and neat weave. Your pencil holder is finished.

4. Robot Cans

Here is a really cool project for children that will awaken interests in science and at the same time help keep an earth-friendly environment.

Prepare the following materials for this project:

  • 1 empty tin can
  • 1 roll of Electrical tape (optional)
  • Some hardware and various recyclables such as bottle caps, keys, etc.
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Strong disk magnets

First, open the tin can with a safety can opener so there are no sharp edges. If there are still some sharp edges, line the inside of the can’s rim with electrical tape. Be careful on working on the tin cans to avoid injury. If you can wear gloves while working, it would be much better. Wash the can and let dry.

Second, look for items around the house like old unused bolts, brackets, hinges, keys, wing nuts, switches, bottle caps, washers, knobs and other similar hardware materials. This can be used for the facial features, arms, etc.

Hot-glue the items carefully to strong disk magnets and shape into desired design of robot. Be as imaginative as you can.

5. Donald’s Hoopla Game Bottle

This project is very simple and can be fun for little children, while at the same time, making an educational learning activity for children on recycling.

First step is to prepare the following materials:

  • Template for Quacky Hoopla
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • Some craft or scrapbook paper (white, light gray, and orange)
  • 1 Craft knife
  • 1 Glue stick
  • 1 Black craft paper or black marker
  • 1 Clear packing tape or self-adhesive laminating sheet
  • 1 Recycled plastic water or beverage bottles (500 ml or smaller)

You will need to print the template for your pattern in cutting the different shapes. Cut out the head shape from white paper, the eye panel from light gray paper, and the beak from orange paper. Be careful in cutting as you will be using a craft knife.

Next, place the eye panel by slipping its top under the flap in the head. Cut out the pupils (1/2-inch ovals) from black paper or draw them on with black marker inside the eye. Draw lines on the beak for the mouth and nostrils. Attach the beak to the head using glue and tuck in its top under the head flap. Draw feather lines on the top of the head to make a gruff expression.

Make this Donald Duck face for each bottle to set up the game. You can also make photocopies of the first one and cut them out to make the craft work faster. Use a transparent tape over the face onto each bottle to fasten. Your Hoopla Bottle is finished.

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