Recovering Documents in Microsoft Word


Losing documents may sometimes make you feel like it’s the end of the world but believe it when they say that this could be resolved. The following text explains procedures on how to have those badly needed files right back to the palm of your hands.

Different situations may lead to documents being lost. One of the reasons could be an error which may cause MS Word to quit. Another cause could be power interruption. And perhaps, the most basic of all, is forgetting to save changes upon closing the document. But worry no more as these files could be recovered.

How to recover documents in Microsoft Office 2007 and retrieve files that were not saved?

There are different methods to choose from in order to resolve this. First method would be to search for the original document. For Windows 7, clicking on the Start menu, type what you can … Read the rest


Is cleaning your home recycling; does making the bed and washing the dishes and getting them ready to be used again count as recycling? Is it even important?

There are many questions associated with recycling that are frequently asked; there are many who after finding out the answers forget about recycling and move on; they do not consider it important enough and think that it won’t have any impact on their lives; they couldn’t be more far from reality.

So let’s find out what exactly recycling is? How does it work and why is it important?

What is Recycling?


You must have read many definitions online, but here recycling will be explained in simple words;

Instead of throwing waste and used materials out or discarding them as garbage you can collect and reuse them by turning them into something useful; to make it even more simple; when you make new … Read the rest

The Benefits of Recycling


Many utility and city programs around the country have started to participate in recycling. Not only is it becoming more popular, but people are seeing it as an easy way to help the planet and conserve resources. There are many benefits of recycling, ranging from environmental and economical.

Many city programs have started recycling to reduce the amount of garbage in landfills. In the 1980s, Americans sent close to 150 million tons of garbage to landfills each year. Currently, Americans still dump an average of 100 million tons each year. In many large cities, space for landfills is scarce, and many people do not like them around. It is estimated that today, 32 percent of waste is recycled which prevents 60 million tons of garbage from ending up in the landfill.

One of the main reasons for recycling is that it helps to consume fewer resources from the earth. … Read the rest

How to Recycle Your Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo is committed to provide recycling options for their customers. Their recycling efforts also ensure that disposing of old Nintendo equipments, even Nintendo 3DS to be exact will not have grave environmental impacts.

Nintendo of America helps minimize the waste disposal of video game products through the following steps:

They offer a free and convenient Take Back Program for consumers and businesses that would like Nintendo to recycle products for them. The Take Back program’s goal of partnering with UPS is to use their network of locations across the country to ship the equipments for free. Nintendo will even recycle a competitor’s home console for those consumers who have purchased a Nintendo system.

You can alternatively download and play Nintendo 3DS Emulator on your computer, which ultimately will limit your carbon footprint drastically since you will not need the physical console at all.

Nintendo also offer reasonably-priced as well … Read the rest

Process of Plastic Bag Recycling – From Start to Finish

Rumors went viral on the internet that plastic bags are manufactured from crude oils and around 12 million barrels of fuel are used by the plastic bag industry each year to meet the annual demand of plastic bags in the U.S.A. In reality, this is just a rumor as plastic bags have nothing to do with fuels.

The actual fact is that the industrial name of plastic bags is polyethylene which is a polymer of ethylene, a by-product acquired from the natural gas refining industry.
Ethane gas is removed from the natural gas compound since ethane has very high level of latent heat capacity and its presence in the natural gas compound makes it almost unusable as too much heat released by ethane can make natural gas too dangerous for domestic and commercial use.

As a result, ethane gas has no other usability except being used for manufacturing plastic bags. … Read the rest

How I Recycled My Old Apple Computer

For many years I had been using an Apple iMac without much complaint. But when I finally decided to get the new MacBook Pro because of my mobility at work, my bulky iMac had to retire. I was feeling a little bit attached to the iMac even after I had the new MacBook so I had a hard time thinking about disposing it even if I eventually have to. The old computer just sat still and quiet in a corner of my old desk for almost a year without any activity. It was literally adding up to my junk at home, so I thought that it would be great if I could sell it but since it was outdated, I never really thought that someone would be interested to buy it. Plus, I also wanted to free up some hard space from my desk so I had to let go … Read the rest

9 Interesting Facts and Statistics about Littering

A small piece of litter you have in your hand today could amount to billions of litters at the end of the year. Billions of money is spent just to clean up the litter that many people have thoughtlessly tossed out on the streets and other public spaces. But if each of us try a bit more of discipline and application of basic knowledge about the effects of litter, imagine how much money could be saved and used for other more important services. Here are some of the most important and interesting facts that might just help each of us think twice about littering.

1. 9 billion tons of litter ends up in the ocean every year.

This is more than the amount of trash generated every year which is only 250 million. Suffice to say that people tend to throw things randomly anywhere more often that they throw … Read the rest